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Battlefield 1's Russian DLC rides out Sept 19th (or 5th for the bourgeoisie)

So petty

The next Battlefield 1 [official site] expansion, the Russian-themed In the Name of the Tsar, will arrive on September 5th for bourgeois Premium Pass owners, DICE have announced. The proletariat will need to wait until September 19th to buy and play it separately, because that's the kind of division that seems sensible and justified to EA. Anyway! The DLC brings new maps, weapons, vehicles, and a female class t'boot.

In the Name of the Tsar packs six new maps, everywhere from the streets and buildings of Tsaritsyn (or Volgograd, if you'd rather) to the treacherous Lupkow Pass in the Carpathians. Russian soldiers are in, obvs, including a member of the Women's Battalion of Death for the Scout class. Also expect eleven new weapons, new vehicles, coastal battery cannons on appropriate maps, and the new 'Supply Drop' mode fighting over parachuted crates.

It'll cost £11.99 separately or comes as part of the Premium Pass, which includes three other expansions and usually costs £39.99 but is £23.99 right now.

This whole 'buy the season pass to start two weeks earlier' move is so petty. EA would rather people buy one big lump of DLC up front rather than separately over time, seeing as players drop off over time and may skip later DLCs. But the season pass already offers a discount over buying them individually. Refusing to let people buy and play something which is already released is such a cold move to push people into paying extra for something they may not get full use of. It also makes the season pass a worse proposition by reducing the number of potential players at launch. Of all the gross things publishers do with DLC, the pettiness of this irks me most.

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