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Battlefield V's Grand Operations mode will be in at launch, EA now say

The tides of war are turning, following last week's upset

Turns out, Battlefield V's Grand Operations mode actually will be playable when the game launches. Delayed outrage shook the cybersphere last week after Internauts noticed EA had said on June 9 that the multi-'day' mode would arrive "shortly after launch", which seemed mighty cheeky given that EA have touted Grand Operations as a headline feature and even let people play it during recent closed alpha testing. Well, EA now say, plans have changed since June and Grand Operations will indeed be in at launch.

Though EA first stated the delayed launch of Grand Operations seven weeks ago, evidently that detail got lost enough in all the E3 fuss that it came as fresh news to many last week, with posts all over forums and those there video game websites what you get nowadays.

So on Friday, EA updated their post and added a note:

"A previous version of this article stated that Battlefield V Grand Operations would be available shortly after launch, based on development plans as of June 9, the date the story published. The article has been updated to reflect that Grand Operations will be playable at launch and as part of Tides Of War."

They avoid saying when and why development plans changed, so it could be in response to the delayed cries of "Wait what?" Or it could've happened weeks ago. Mysteries. Either way, a sucky thing will no longer happen.

"Tides Of War", by the way, is EA's fancy branded name for their post-launch free content plans. Each lump of updates will focus on a specific era of World War 2, bringing new weapons, vehicles, missions, cosmetic doodads, and so on.

Battlefield V is due to launch on October 19th, though earlier access will be available through fancy editions and subscription services and whatnot.

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