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Battlefield V's secret hand gun is perfectly horrifying


The Battlefield games have long been nests of Easter eggs, hiding everything from rare reload animations where you perform magic tricks on guns to giant prehistoric sharks who'll leap up and git ya. Battlefield V still had a few to hide, it seems, and may yet have more. But what's most got my attention is the horrible finger gun found this week, fired by having the soldier point their finger and shout PEW! POW! And the reload animation is... even as a habitual knuckle-cracker, I winced.

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The cleverly-named Handgun apparently does ten damage per, er, bullet, and you lose it if you die. This delicious egg was dug up by player "zhpete", and captured on video there by "DANNYonPC" off YouTube.

The thumb extended within the closed ring and pinky fingers as bullets: is that a thing? Is that how some people do hand guns? Is this a localised playground phenomenon? Do you do this? Where does this happen? Does the mechanical satisfaction of simulating bullets outweigh the natural feeling of a single-handed handgun? Tell me everything. Including: do you do that awful thumb-breaking too?

Players have also discovered they can build a weird stairway to heaven. Is this part of the hunt or another secret or just a lark in itself? Mysteries!

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Elsewhere in BFV, an update today brings performance improvements, bug fixes, balance tweaks, and a redesign of team deathmatch maps.

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