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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II's Chaos expansion brings spiky naked dudes to space

Sweet, Khorne

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II, a slightly flabby spaceship smashing strategy than I nonetheless had a great time with, gets a big dose of daemonic evil today in the form of a new campaign featuring everyone's favourite spiky chaps. No, not hedgehogs you silly goose! Chaos! Them with the skin peeling and possession and giant psychic tears in space time and that. A fine bunch. Avert your heretical eyes from whatever blas you're currently pheming, and take a look at the trailer below:

The paid expansion adds a full story campaign that places you in the role of a chap called Malos Vrykan, a chaos lord from the World Bearer chapter, and lets you do bad things in space in the name of Abbadon the Despoiler. The base game's Imperial story campaign was not only one the game's highlights, but one of the better RTS campaigns I've played in recent memory, with dramatic storytelling and decent mission variety, too. The focus on storytelling was a bit patchier in later campaigns, but this one looks to bring the same level of focus I dug so much last time around. Hurrah!

The campaign is accompanied to the big content soiree by a free update. The most significant change here is extra secondary objectives in each campaign mission. The update also fleshes out the economy, adds some extra lore-friendly options, and also the ability to switch ships between fleets.  This is something I specifically moaned about in my review, so this pleases me. Am I saying that my whining is solely responsible for this undoubtedly positive change? I'll let you decide, but obviously yes.

There's a full list of bells, whistles and functionally pointless but undeniably cool pointy bits on the Focus Interactive forums here and also here. The expansion itself is on Steam here for £11.49/€12.99/$12.99. Enjoy the space murder, friendos!

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