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A recent update has added Emoji support to the service. The next time you log in to the client you'll be promoted to download the update, after which you'll be able to spam those little icons away to your heart's content.

A few other changes have also arrived with the latest update too. You can now add all of your favourite friends into a single group, rather than having them spread around your general list. You can also sort your friends by activity, which should make it easier to find friends for the game you're playing right now.

Chat messages will now be stored for a period of 28 days, rather than vanishing the moment you shut down as well. Rounding off the update is a handful of bug-fixes which should improve the performance of the client, particularly when it comes to using the built-in streaming service.

Here's the full patch notes if you're curious to know more about the latest changes to Blizzard's game hub service:

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Feature Updates

We made some updates to how you sort friends and other settings on your friends list:

  • "Group Favorites" Setting: Group all favorited friends together rather than being mixed throughout your friends list.
  • "Sort by Activity" Setting: Friends will be grouped together when playing the same game or in rather than sorted alphabetically.
  • Showing and Hiding Offline Friends: You now have more control over how offline friends are displayed in your friends list.

We also added chat history to make it easier to keep a conversation going.

Closing no longer clears chats messages with friends. Messages will now be stored for 28 days.

Last but not least, emoji support is here!

Feeling spunky, giddy, cranky, or any other emotion? Try copy and pasting emoji into chat messages!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing users from initializing Streaming on beta builds.
  • Fixed a bug that caused games to sort incorrectly.
  • Hearthstone will no longer become unresponsive in certain circumstances when Streaming is enabled.

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