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Behold this horrific new pizza skin for Mozzie in Rainbow Six Siege

The eyes of a stone-baked killer

There's something very unnerving about anthropomorphic food. Which is why I'm concerned that Pizza Mozzie will now haunt my dreams forever. Rainbow Six Siege has a brand new Operator set available through Twitch Prime you see - I had to look at it, so now you do too.

"The Cheesie One has arrived!" Ubisoft tweeted. As if the skin itself wasn't terrifying enough, they're acting like he's some sort of deity.

On top of that, of ALL the pizza puns they could've done, The Cheesie One is the best phrase they could come up with? Mozzie-rella was right there, Ubisoft. I'm disappointed. We're all disappointed.

The Pizza Operator set comes with the above Pepporoni Cheese skin (and headgear) for Mozzie, as well as a gooey weapon skin and charm.

This set is a bit of a random one compared to the others - it's part of a series of exclusive Twitch Prime Operator sets that have been dropping over the last two months, and the others were just very... normal, in comparison.

As a commenter on the Twitter thread pointed out, Pizza Mozzie does look an awful lot like something out of Fortnite. R6 are having none of it though. You will take your cartoony Mozzie skin and you will like it.

If you want to dress up your Mozzie as this absolute crime of nature, you can get old pizza face here on Twitch Prime. As always, you can grab your Twitch Prime Loot if you link your Twitch account to an Amazon Prime account, or if you don't fancy paying for a subscription, you could just nab the free trial instead.

Rainbow Six Siege has loads going on in its fifth and sixth years, I can hardly believe the game has been out that long to be honest, but if you wanna find out more about what they're up to they revealed a load of plans last month.

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