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Beloved and janky spy RPG Alpha Protocol returns to Steam after four year absence

Following GOG re-release earlier this year

Talking about computers in an Alpha Protocol screenshot.
Image credit: Sega

Alpha Protocol disappeared from digital store shelves back in 2019 due to expiring music licenses. Back in March, some four years later, it returned via GOG. Now it's once again also available via Steam.

You'll find the spy RPG over on Steam at a 20% discount for the duration of the just-launched Steam summer sale.

I have to assume this Steam re-appearance is the same version that's also available on GOG, which included not only the return of the licensed music that prompted its disappearance in the first place, but also controller support, cloud saves and achievements.

Alpha Protocol was developed by Obsidian, who these days are owned by Microsoft, but Alpha Protocol itself is still home at original publisher Sega. Whether the 2010 action RPG is actually any good is a matter of some debate: Alice0 called it her favourite Obsidian game, but I've seen as many people argue that it's janky trash as that it's one of those seven out of tens.

I have no opinion of my own, having not played it, but I know it's a favourite of enough of you commenters that its appearance on Valve's storefront seemed worth acknowledging. Please start a vibrant but polite argument about its relative merits in the comments.

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