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Best Saviors of Uldum Decks - Hearthstone

Our evolving guide to the very best Hearthstone decks to play in Saviors of Uldum.

Saviors of Uldum is here, and with it has come a whole host of brand new decks, exciting additions to old ones, and a whole lot of eager experimentation from players.

Many old favourites have stuck around, but a few fresh archetypes have emerged from the sand thanks to plenty of new, exciting Quests, Plagues and powerful Legendaries.

The card pool has grown once again, and this time around the additions have been notably impactful. Quests making a comeback has allowed new archetypes to form around them, some stronger than others, and some exciting legendary cards have brought forth a new meta that’s mostly distinct from the old. Mostly. We’re looking at you, Control Warrior.

To help you navigate the early stages of the new Saviors of Uldum meta, we've put together a guide outlining the best meta and experimental decks. Expect these archetypes to chop and change over time, as well as the deck lists too. As time goes by we'll update this page with new and revised deck lists and keep you up to date on all the tweaks - keep this guide bookmarked for all the latest!

The usual advice applies for this expansion:

  • Use these deck lists as starting points in the early weeks, and let the recently-improved deck builder fill in anything you’re missing from your collection.
  • If you’re not convinced just yet and want to wait for the meta to settle, we can help you with that too. Our Budget Saviors of Uldum Decks page is up and running, so head on over there to try some new stuff out while the meta settles down.

With that out of the way, here's our round-up of the best Saviors of Uldum decks. Again, we’re always refining them, so keep an eye out for changes:

Druid Decks

Token Druid hasn’t gone anywhere, but it has remained largely stagnant in deck composition, despite the mountain of new cards brought about by Saviors of Uldum. Quest Druid is where it gets exciting, though. Untapped Potential has made Druid a force to be reckoned with if it can take the brunt of an incredibly slow early game. The outrageous plays possible with Quest Druid can answer even the most aggressive of foes, and as long as they don’t run out of Choose One cards, things are going to go disgustingly well. Oasis Surger’s 5 mana for 10/10 worth of stats, and Rush? Outrageous.

Unfortunately for the Heal Druid fans out there (were there ever any?), that deck’s struggling a little at the moment. Highlander Druid similarly hasn’t seen a massive amount of play so far, but with such strong combos on the cards, you can never count such a deck out. Keep an eye out and we’ll update you if things change!



Hunter Decks

Hunters have thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the early Saviors of Uldum meta. Secret Hunter has, as many predicted, continued its quality, adding Hyena Alpha to an already strong deck. Mech Hunter is going nowhere despite its relative lack of new toys to play with.

Hunter received the opportunity for a new archetype too - one that not many were predicting prior to the expansion’s release. Highlander Hunter is actually good, as it turns out. Currently sitting as a high-mid tier deck, it’s actually possible to play a highlander deck in the hunter class because of the wealth of solid cards available to them.

The best Highlander Hunter deck at the moment uses a Secret Hunter shell with a few beasts and spells to keep things ticking over in the later game, of course with the Zul'jin finisher as usual. Dinotamer Brann and his 7 mana Battlecry that summons King Krush is a ridiculously strong play in the mid game, charging in for 8 face damage and putting your opponent in a seriously bad way. Zephrys the Great is great here too, offering utility when it’s most needed for the intrepid Highlander Hunter.



Mage Decks

Mage, like Hunter, has done rather well for itself in Saviors of Uldum. Of course, Cyclone Mage is still kicking about, and there’s been no lack of people playing the new and improved Freeze Mage deck. Again though, Highlander Mage has been a really exciting and surprising standout early in Saviors of Uldum. Sitting pretty with a decent win rate, new cards that allow for survivability have combined with the buff to Luna's Pocket Galaxy to bring about an era of viable Mage decks.



Paladin Decks

Paladin has surprised many with the decks that have come out in the early stages of Saviors of Uldum. Somehow, they’ve got themselves a bunch of new decks, and decks we haven’t seen for years, while the likes of Holy Wrath and Mech Paladin have been shockingly unpopular. Of course, it’s early days and we’re sure these archetypes will return. It could even be argued that Quest Paladin has swallowed up Mech Paladin for the time being, but we’ll keep you updated as to what’s going on there.

Murloc Paladin was the big meta breaker on the opening day, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. The Prismatic Lens + Tip the Scales combo exceeded our expectations, and adding in Chef Nomi for a final win condition meant havoc for the ladder on opening day. We’ll see if this kind of performance continues further along into the new meta.



Priest Decks

Alas, the struggles of Priest continue. Combo Priest has some cool new tools, and a skilled player can absolutely pilot it to victory, but compared to other classes with their shiny new and powerful decks, Anduin and friends are struggling somewhat.

Quest Priest shows potential, but the main worry is how difficult it is to complete the Quest in the first place. Activate the Obelisk requires a bit of trickery on your part to get 15 points of healing done, and it’s been proven difficult to pull off a lot of the time. Still, we’re hoping for the ingenious among the community to develop a Priest deck that can stand up to the class’ recent misadventures.



Rogue Decks

Rogue has dropped off the radar somewhat in the early days of Uldum, but despite this there are some fun decks to try out. Tempo Rogue remains the highest win rate deck of them all, adding new cards like Pharaoh Cat into the mix to generate a little bit of value.

We were excited about the Rogue Quest prior to its release, and to be fair it has proven enjoyable to play. Ultimately though, it appears that the unpredictability of the deck is what holds it back, but at least the Bazaar Burglary Quest makes it a fine choice for those of us flexible enough to make it work. Unfortunately, not many people have been able to get Mogu Cultist combos working, but don’t let us stop you giving it a go if you think you’re hard enough.



Shaman Decks

Murloc Shaman is a pretty solid deck, still being carried by the massively powerful Underbelly Angler. Fishflinger has found its place in the deck too, considering the value an extra murloc in hand grants as a bonus against most opponents. This aggressive option won’t be going away any time soon.

Quest Shaman has been tons of fun to experiment with, and although it clearly is in need of a bit of refinement, we can see this deck making waves in the future of Uldum. Aggro Overload Shaman with its new Legendary Vessina is still powerful, especially as it’s not a massively popular deck on ladder at the moment so you might catch some foes unawares.



Warlock Decks

Warlock received a whole lot of support during Saviors of Uldum. What did it get in return? Well… Zoo Warlock is a good deck… In truth though, Zoo is the deck type that received the most support, and it’s actually a fairly unique form of the deck we’ve not seen before. Focused on Lackeys thanks to EVIL Recruiter and Dark Pharaoh Tekahn, the Zoo Warlock of today is really quite strong, especially if your enemy isn’t quite ready for the deck’s board-flooding tendencies.

Quest Warlock, formerly known as Plot Twist Warlock, is unfortunately still seeing some really low win rates, but we’d recommend giving it a shot anyway considering how satisfying it can be when things go right.



Warrior Decks

Warrior is in a good place in the meta right now. Unfortunately, that means a whole lot of other classes aren’t, with Dr. Boom, Mad Genius’ ability to lock foes out of games with his unmatched late game value. To be fair, the deck is looking slightly fresher than it used to, with players opting to include the likes of Frightened Flunky and Armagedillo for a mini-Taunt package and a little extra defence. Bomb Warrior, on the other hand, has barely changed in the slightest, with some versions opting to swap out Militia Commander for Restless Mummy.

As for new stuff, it’s not quite as strong. However, as the decks get tweaked later on in the meta this could change. Aggro Warrior has seen something of a resurgence thanks to Bloodsworn Mercenary, and is a really solid deck if played correctly. Quest Warrior’s weapon-swinging shenanigans may not be meta-defining, but there’s a possibility it finds a place. As is often the case with the weaker decks in the meta, it’s extremely fun to play when things go well!



That wraps up the latest edition of our guide to the best Saviors of Uldum decks for launch week.

We'll be continually adding in new decks and guides to this article over the coming weeks, and will make sure the articles contain the very best new deck lists. Keep this page bookmarked for all the latest.

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