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Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Expansion Adding Daily Runs

Fight the world

Remember that time I said "if The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth adds daily challenges, I will ditch every commitment short of a funeral to hit the day's run." Well! To my friends, my family, lovers, acquaintances, colleagues, rivals, and enemies, I apologise. I shall bail on you all soon.

The 'Afterbirth' expansion for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will add daily runs with leaderboards, co-creator Edmund McMillen has announced. Like in Spelunky, Nuclear Throne, and many more roguelikelikes, daily challenges let everyone compete by playing on the same set of levels.

McMillen explained:

"What does this mean? Well every day the game will generate a specific seed that will be generated the same for everyone (minus locked things) and you can now compete against the internet for best score in the run! This feature was one of my favorites in Spelunky and I always wanted to do it in Isaac... but how do you score a game like Isaac? more on that in a later post..."

They won't be perfect competition, as folks who've unlocked rare and powerful items might get a big advantage, but heck, I can't complain about that. Binding of Isaac dailies, y'all!

McMillen also showed off two new items coming in Afterbirth. Sadly, we're still short a release date.

I'll see you on the leaderboards, and you'd better get used to that, as we've established you'll mostly be seeing me fleeing crying "I forgot about today's daily!"

(For those of you keeping track, I'm up to 151 secrets of 178. I might stop casually playing whatever and try to unlock specific items. I really don't want to start on The Lost though, not until Afterbirth makes him less awful by starting him with spectral tears and the D4.)

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