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BioWare release a mission's-worth of footage from Anthem

Did I mention the plants?

All-flying all-shooting mech RPG Anthem isn’t far off now, and BioWare (via IGN) have shown off an early mission called Lost Arcanist in full. As the name suggests, it’s about finding someone who’s gone missing, and you can watch the crew ping from waypoint to waypoint, shoot some enemies, and see a lot of incredibly beautiful flora and fauna.

You can see the full fifteen minutes of footage below:

This might all look familiar if you were in the closed alpha this December – it’s the same mission. I didn’t get a chance to play it then, but Alice B’s had her hands on it and she liked it enough to put it on our list of most anticipated games of this year. Apparently the flying’s rather good, and so is, er, not flying: “When I fell to the ground it was with a big, horrible crunch. So I am excited to do more of that,” says Alice. Lovely.

Player characters in Anthem are called “freelancers” and as one of those myself I object to BioWare making it look this exciting. I only have two plants at my desk and neither of them are anywhere near as vibrant.

As well as showcasing the three main mech suits available in the game, there’s a tonne of dialogue demonstrated in this video. While not all of it lands perfectly I think I like the overall effect of sounding like a bunch of friends nattering away while explosions happen all around them. (This part, at least, is accurate to my experiences of freelancing in 2019.)

All of this is alpha footage, so it’s potentially subject to change between now and when Anthem releases on February 22nd. There’ll also be an open beta at the beginning of February, so you can soak in all that gorgeous foliage for yourself.

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