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Black Friday deal alert: the speedy WD Blue SN570 SSD hits its lowest ever price

Our top SSD pick is the cheapest it’s been

Anyone who’s seen our guide to the best early Black Friday SSD deals will know there are serious savings to be had on the WD Blue SN550. Now, though, the newer and even faster WD Blue SN570 has been throughly Black Friday’d as well, hitting new price lows in both the UK and US.

Here in Blightyland, both the 500GB and 1TB models get money off, with a slightly better discount on the latter pushing it below £80 for the first time. The Blue SN570 was already a nice and affordable PCIe 3.0 SSD, and this deal makes it an even more attainable upgrade on creaking mechanical HDDs.

Meanwhile, over on Amazon US, the 250GB, 500GB and 1TB models are all on sale:

Update - in a moment of Black Friday-induced madness these links previously went to the SN550. Sorry! These are now fixed.

For reference, the 1TB SN570 was £93 when I reviewed it just last month, so these are no half-baked deals even when it was (relatively speaking) so cheap in the first place. But don’t think that because you’re paying budget prices, you’ll get budget performance: the biggest reason why the SN570 sits atop our best SSD for gaming rankings is that it can compete with the fastest PCIe 3.0 drives out there.

It's worth mentioning that the older SN550 remains on sale, with cheaper capacities across the board, but if it were me? I’d find it very, very hard not to let my head be turned by the newest, fastest instalment in the WD Blue series.

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