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Black Friday deal spotlight: Big savings on the BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710Q 27" QHD monitor

Big BenQ strikes deal o' clock

RPS chums, I have been unleashed! After serving my apprenticeship, I am now a fully fledged junior deals warlock, and just in time for Black Friday. I still have to do exactly what I’m told, but now I’m allowed to pull the big, brass lever that fires the deals cannon. In practice, that means I can keep updating you with the best bargains late into the sunless hours, while James goes home to do whatever hardware editors do in their free time. Since I have promised not to publish my thirty seven page manifesto entitled “Why I think dogs should vote,” I’m going to talk about this BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710Q monitor instead.

Amazons UK and US have big savings on the EX2710Q at the moment, with discounts of £101 and $105, respectively. It’s a 27”, 165Hz monitor with many bells and whistles, thanks to its built-in speakers, as well as HDR and Freesync Premium support.

We’ve not reviewed the EX2710Q, but Katharine reviewed the EX2710 back in January and came away rather impressed. Unfortunately, the overall package was let down by the 1920x1080 resolution not quite being enough for the 27” screen size. BenQ must have had a look down the back of the sofa for more pixels, because they’ve bumped the EX2710Q up to a much more suitable 2560x1440. That’s QHD, folks!

With that one caveat no longer applicable, this could be the right monitor if you’re looking for a big screen with HDR support that doesn’t cost the earth.

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