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Black Friday deal spotlight: Loads of portable storage for cheap with the Crucial X6 1TB and 2TB

X6 education

I’m not going to do it. I refuse. I know that it’s Actual Black Friday and I’ve had a bit of a rubbish week and coming up with new openers to these deal highlights is starting to get a bit difficult now. I don’t care that I have a bunch of Google docs that have stuff like “I’ve been playing Empire of Sin so I know all about offers you can’t refuse oh this is bloody awful and you are an absolute hack Caelyn” written in them. It doesn’t even matter that this is RPS and Baron James von Hardware-Editor is quite happy to let me make all the puns I like (well, don't test me - J). I have standards and that means I will not make the obvious Crucial joke.

Actually I will. It’s Crucial that you check out these fantastic portable SSD deals.

To be fair, these Crucial X6 Portable SSDs really speak for themselves, and they do so in both UK and US English. At £65/$80 for a 1TB model, you get a fair chunk of portable storage at a great price. Need more? How about twice as much? The 2TB version will set you back £119/$170, which is still a darn fine deal. here are the UK links...

...and the US ones:

We’ve not reviewed these precise models, but Katharine did take a look at the Crucial X8 last year and was very impressed. The X6 isn’t quite as speedy, but you get a lot more storage for a lot less money. The X6 2TB has four times the capacity of the X8 Katharine tested and will only set you back a fiver more than the X8 cost at the time. The X8 has dropped in price since then, obv, but the X6 is still much cheaper for equivalent sizes.

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