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Blizzcon 2015 Hearthstone Finals decklists - Ostkaka

All the decks used by Ostkaka to win this year's Hearthstone World Championship.

It all seems to have gone by in a flash now, but this year's long road to the Hearthstone World Finals finally concluded on Saturday with a win for Europe by Ostkaka - well done that man! The decks he used to take home glory were, for the most part, very gently tweaked takes on some very popular archetypes that have proved the test of time.

With that said, no one expected to see Oil Rogue make such a dominating appearance at the Finals this year, so can we expect to see a resurgence of this somewhat sidelined deck in the weeks ahead? Will the new Adventure – due out this Thursday – render the usual tournament influence on the metagame null and void?

Answers to those questions will take a little time to filter through, but if you fancy taking the champion on at his own game, we've compiled all of the decklists Ostkaka made use of to win the ultimate prize at Blizzcon this year.

Ostkaka Hearthstone Finals Grim Patron Warrior

Could it be possibly be that Grim Patron Warrior isn't quite as dead as the recent nerf would have you believe? It wasn't enough of a power reduction to stop Ostkaka from taking it into battle – perhaps you'll have similar luck with it.

Ostkaka Hearthstone Finals Oil Rogue

As mentioned earlier in this article, Oil Rogue proved itself to be the surprise contender in the Hearthstone World Championship Finals. Here's Ostkaka's version of the deck, one which makes room for Edwin van Cleef.

Ostkaka Hearthstone Finals Freeze Mage

Ostkaka's Finals Freeze Mage is a pretty familiar affair, but note the inclusion of an Explosive Sheep to help hold back the flood of aggro decks. This is one addition we'll be keeping a close eye on when it comes to updating our own Freeze Mage deck in the future.

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