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Borderlands 3 lands on Steam with a hefty discount

There's PC crossplay as well

A group of gun-wielding characters band together in Borderlands 3
Image credit: Gearbox Software

The six months of Epic Game Store exclusivity for Borderlands 3 are officially up and he rootin' tootin' loot 'n shootin' game launches on Steam today. If you'd been waiting to play, you've missed a couple seasonal events and a DLC but there seems to be plenty more where all that came from. You can grab any of Borderlands 3's versions at a steep 50% discount on Steam for the next week.

RPS reviews slinger Nate came out of his Borderlands 3 review with a laundry list of critiques but in the end says, "I had enjoyed my two days of mainlining it more than I’ve enjoyed any time-intensive playthrough in a long while. A big reason for this is that I was playing with chief RPS vidbud Matthew Castle, who is an extremely funny man to play a game with. But underlying that was the fact that, for all the Borderlands formula hasn’t changed much in a decade, it’s one that’s preternaturally well-optimised for co-operative play."

Good news then, that even if you waited to play on Steam, you can still drop in on your pals who've been playing longer. Gearbox say that PC players can team up no matter which storefront they gave their money to. If you're hopping between versions of the game for any reason, you'll also like to know that you can take your existing save files with you, though Gearbox warn you'll need to do it manually. As ever, make a backup copy of your saves before you toss them around. 2k has a tidy guide for transferring saves if you're keen to do that. You can read more about crossplay and other Steam launch tidbits in Gearbox's FAQ.

You can now find Borderlands 3 on Steam, where all of its versions are 50% off until March 20th. The standard edition is currently £25/€30/$30 while the Super Deluxe Edition including the DLC season pass and other cosmetic bits is £42.49/€50/$50.

Now that PC players are all happily hand-in-hand, Borderlands 3 has another DLC coming on March 26 called "Guns, Love, and Tentacles." Vault Hunters will help Wainwright and Hammerlock celebrate their vows by defeating an eldritch horror, of course. Gaige, the Mechromancer from Borderlands 2, returns as the wedding planner. It's Borderlands, so naturally there will be new loot, guns, skins, and all that.

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