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Borderlands 3's new end-game content, Red Dead's hitch fix, and more of the week's patches

Fix 'em up

This week, Borderlands 3 added new end-game content, Rockstar have continued work on plugging holes in Red Dead Redemption 2, The Outer Worlds has fixed its small text problem, and Plunkbat overhauled Vikendi. Read on for more of the week's big PC gaming patches in the Weekly Updates Update.

Borderlands 3 added its first Takedown mission

It's an end-game, extra-tough challenge at the Maliwan Blacksite. Mayhem 4 is here too, for further murderous challenge. The update also expanded bank space, doubling the starting slots from 10 to 20 and making waaay more available through upgrades. And bosses now have dedicated loot pools, making it way easier to farm specific items.

Red Dead Redemption fixed more stalling problems

The update also fixed some issues where higher framerates meant you lost weight faster. Oops. It wanged in some new clothes for Online too.

The Outer Worlds fixed text size

So long, teeny dialogue and subtitles.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds deployed spike traps

Hurl 'em across the road to pop tyres like you're on Police, Camera, Action! The update overhauled Vikendi, the snowy map, a bit too.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare added Gun Game

Players still seem hungry for way more fixes and changes. I know many still think footsteps are too loud and the devs do know this, going by an internal note accidentally left in one post: "This is a hot topic in the community, and this is not the change that they were hoping to see. Our core players want to see footstep volume dramatically reduced."

Rainbow Six Siege crosses over with Money Heist

It's a pretty slim crossover with the Netflix show, just some skins really but hey, a weird thing.

BattleTech added official mod support

New mechs, maps, and contracts are in too. This came alongside the launch of new paid DLC.

Hypnospace Outlaw's mod tools let you make a new Hypnospace Outlaw

The devs say the new tools can fiddle with so much that "it's entirely possible for someone to create their own full Hypnospace story, complete with new characters, zones, downloads, emails, cases to complete, and horrific viruses and crashes!" Or you can, y'know, wait for someone else to do that then download and play it.

Hitman 2 tried to improve performance

DirectX 12 changes were supposed to reduce CPU and Nvidia GPU usage, though for a few players it actually runs worse now. The devs say they're currently testing a hotfix for that.

Barotrauma added a horrible new monster

A new way for you and your mates to stack it and die in the briny depths.

Steam Remote Play Together officially launched

This lets folks play local multiplayer games online, remotely, with their pals. Only the host need own the game. You could already do this with tools like Parsec, but built-in support on Steam probably makes it way easier for many people.

Need For Speed Heat made hasty fixes for performance problems

To speed up loading times on night races, the intro and start no longer have "fancy lights, smoke, fire or spectator's cars." The devs say that "While this isn't ideal, we wanted to improve the stability and reduce loading times in the short run, and we are aiming at bringing back these effects in a future update." Oof.

Fortnite added DirectX 12 support

This should mean improved performance.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order got its first patch

It's not a big'un but hey, fixes for slowdown and slow loading are always welcome.

Oculus Quest cybergoggles can now play Rift games

But only if you've got an Nvidia graphics card.

Destiny 2 launched the Vex Offensive's Final Assault

It's disappointing, a new final boss fought in the same way at the end of the same activity. Far from the exciting end to the season I'd hoped for. We don't even travel through that portal-y thing Ikora built in the tower.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds shuffled heroes around

Four old ones left, four new ones arrived. These include the mighty WoW boss Sindragosa and, ah, the Murloc explorer Sir Finley Mrrgglton.

Elite players are deciding a colony ship's fate

Will the ancient spacebound colony finally settle on a planet or stay in the stars? Players will decide by delivering resources to factions in this Interstellar Initiative. It won't make a huge difference either way, but it's some fun fluff.

Sea Of Thieves launched The Seabound Soul

November's update brings flaming skeletons, a new Tall Tale story, and firebombs to hurl by hand or launch with cannons.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw added a new ship and weapons

That's the CPC Laser, Gatling & Flak Cannon available only from Pirate Lords.

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