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MSI creator laptops are $300 off at Newegg right now

Plus a week of deals from Newegg's Nasdaq sale

MSI makes some of the slimmest gaming and content creation laptops around, and today several creator-focused models with light designs and discrete graphics cards have been discounted heavily at Newegg in the US. The standout deal is the MSI Laptop Prestige 14, which has dropped from $1200 to $900 - with an instant savings of $200 and a $100 rebate. You even get a carry bag that Newegg claim is worth $109 for free - not a bad deal!

The Prestige 14 comes with an impressive loadout for an ultra-thin laptop, with a GTX 1650 graphics card, 10th-gen hexa-core Core i5 processor, 16GB of dual-channel RAM and a 512GB NVMe SSD. Great care has obviously been taken with the design too, with a slim bezel 1080p screen with a fold-flat hinge, Thunderbolt 3 support, fingerprint login and 10 hours of battery life. The laptop even boasts military standard durability, which has got to be a rarity of a laptop with these dimensions!

I was testing a similar spec machine yesterday and it's kind of mad how much performance you can wring out of ultralight laptops these days - you get surprisingly good performance in games that are a few years old, and you can even run modern AAA games if you're willing to turn down a few settings. Of course, you are going to get some fan noise for your trouble whenever you really crank it, but hey, that's what headphones are for right?

All that horsepower also comes in handy for content creation, like rendering 4K videos, compiling code or running CAD packages. It used to be the case, even a few years ago, that for acceptable performance you'd need a laptop that was an inch thick - and now we're looking at a model that's closer to half that!

As well as this particular model, there are some other MSI laptops that have the same $100 rebate card and/or free gift offer at Newegg right now. Here are some quick links:

If none of these laptops quite scratch your itch, there's also a massive Newegg on Nasdaq sale starting today and running until May 25th, in celebration of the firm's listing on the American stock exchange. You can find today's Newegg deals there, including a complete gaming PC for $1049, a 1440p 165Hz monitor from Pixio for $275 and too many more deals to name. If you're interested, do take a look and be mindful of the many layers of discounts that Newegg employ - often there'll be a price cut, a rebate card and/or a free gift available to really maximise the savings.

OK, that just about does it for now - we'll see you on the next one!

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