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Build your own Paradox Humble Bundle and save up to 88%

Buy three games or more to get the best discounts

Strategy and city building fans, rejoice. Humble have a new Build Your Own Paradox bundle that lets you save up to 88% on a variety of titles from the publisher's back catalogue. You'll need to buy three games or more to get the best discounts, but there's plenty to tickle your fancy, including Surviving Mars, Age Of Wonders: Planetall, Pillars Of Eternity, Imperator Rome, Cities Skylines and Battletech to name just a few.

The amount you save increases with the number of games you add to your bundle. All games are 75% off by default, but buy three and that discount grows to 80%. Add a fourth and you'll get 85% off, while buying five will get you the top 88% off discount.

That's a pretty hefty saving if you're looking to round out your strategy, RPG and city building collection. Indeed, when I added Surviving Mars, Battletech, Age Of Wonders: Planetfall, Europa Universalis IV and the Shadowrun Trilogy to my basket, I was able to get them for £21.57 instead of their 75% off discounted price of £44.89. Not bad!

Humble aren't the only ones offering big bundle savings this weekend, either. Fanatical have a pretty great Build Your Own VR bundle running at the moment that lets you buy two Steam VR games for £7.75, four for £14.59 or six for £19.75. Highlights include Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Creed: Rise To Glory, Transference, Ubisoft's Eagle Flight and Swords Of Gargantua, but there are 17 games to choose from in total.

Fanatical's Build Your Own Assassin's Creed bundle is also ending soon, which lets you grab three of Ubisoft's historical stab 'em ups for £8.59, or five for £12.49. Alas, you're limited to a lot of the older Assassin's Creed games here rather than sneaking in something new and shiny like Valhalla or Odyssey, but if you've been thinking about picking up the trio of side-scrolling Chronicles games, for instance, or doing a Black Flag, Rogue and Freedom Cry marathon recently, this could be just the ticket.

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