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Bulletstorm To Feature Constant Online DRM?

EDIT: Stand down! People Can Fly's Creative Director, Adrian Chmielarz, has tweeted saying that Bulletstorm only requires a constant internet connection for installation and online play. This simply looks like an incredibly poor choice of words on EA's part, since none of the other "digital" versions on the disclosure page list a persistent internet connection as a requirement. Phew. For posterity, I've re-posted my original post after the jump.

Gaze upon the grim reality that could have been...

Hey, remember Ubisoft's DRM that demanded constant online authentication and quietly quit your games for you if your internet connection went down? The same DRM which Ubisoft since appears to have thought better of seeing as it wasn't in R.U.S.E. and appears to have been toned down in Assassin's Creed 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction?

Well, Destructoid has just noticed that on the Electronics Arts product disclosure page both digital download versions of Bulletstorm are listed with "PERSISTENT INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED". But I've also noticed that the packaged version of Bulletstorm doesn't include these words, so I'm unsure what to think. Still. Shame Destructoid already used the Bulletstorm/Shitstorm joke, really.

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