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Bus Simulator 18 rolling along new roads in map expansion

Parp parp!

While Bus Simulator 18 hasn't captured my heart in the same way as American Truck Simulator, I'm fond enough of it to return to the nonspecific European city of Seaside Valley for its first expansion. Released today, it expands the map with new areas: a picturesque mountain village along winding roads in the countryside, the airport, and the city's "tech hub" district. I will relish this opportunity to prove to techfaces that busses are great so screw your exploitative car app. Once I'm done banging and scraping the bus around trying to get a good view of the scenery.

As well as pootling around these new areas in the sandbox, we'll get to focus on them with nine new missions introduced by a new NPC. I can only hope this urban development consultant, Michael Bach, is half as enthusiastic as Mira Tannhauser. She loves busses and her city so dang much I was swept up by her enthusiasm. I hope she's okay. She and Aubrey are surely married by now? I hope to see her every time I pass her building.

Right, right, the expansion. Yeah, it throws in a few new skins and decals to decorate our busses too.

The reservations our former Alec (RPS in peace) voiced in his Bus Simulator 18 review still stand but I am up for another few hours of pootling around even if I'm unlikely to make a serious go of it.

Bus Simulator 18's map expansion is out now on Steam for £11.69.

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