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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's launch trailer is a familiar mission with atrocious hair

Cut and shave

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's launch trailer hit today, and it's looking more like the old Modern Warfare than ever. We've already heard of how this year's CoD is a more "edgy, culturally relevant and thought-provoking" than more recent entries. In the past five years, CoD has been both an interstellar space adventure and a nonlinear cyber dreamscape, after all. But Call Of Duty will always be Call Of Duty, and Modern Warfare has its fair share of explosive spectacle to flaunt before our boots hit the ground on October 25th.

It's certainly a Call Of Duty trailer, that's for sure. A resplendent showcase of guns, explosions and loud rock music follows below.

Despite an entirely new plot playing to more 2019 anxieties than ModWar's 2005 concerns, Modern Warfare is putting its boots firmly on familiar ground. Those very British special ops lads are still skulking about in dark forests and damp tunnels, moustaches in perfect shape under the guidance of series staple Captain John "Colonial-facial-hair-never-dies" Price.

Meanwhile, the Americans have gotten themselves caught in the desert again, under (I assume) the command of Captain Frosted Tips up there. Now I've never, nor will ever, be keen on the military life, but I can't imagine taking orders from this bloke wot just stepped out of a Tony Hawk game.

Modern Warfare also gives us a peek at more regional military actors, including a local lass with perfectly normal, unassuming hair. Poor show, that - I appreciate the headband, but couldn't you give us a cool undercut or something? The guys are kicking our ass in the hair game.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will launch exclusively on Battle.net for £50/$60 on October 25th.

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