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Call Of Duty: Warzone adds a new game mode and tonnes of weapon tweaks

Season 4's mid-season update has dropped some big changes

Call Of Duty: Warzone's Season 4 mid-season update has landed, and let me tell you, there's a lot to digest. Namely, there's a new objective-based game mode where you escort trucks, and an absolute tonne of weapon balance tweaks. I'm talking about a vast list of guns that have been nerfed or buffed or in-between. The meta hasn't just been shaken up here, it's been flung out of the window.

First off, Warzone now has an objective-based game mode called Payload. It pits two teams of 20 players against each other in a race against the clock. Namely, one team has to escort two beefy trucks through a series of checkpoints, while the opposing team attempts to stop them by purchasing barricades or even entire buildings. I'm excited to give it a go, mainly because it's something truly different from their usual twists on last-man standing modes.

And then we've got a ridiculous number of Warzone weapon changes which I won't list here because you'll drown in numbers and nerfs. Raven Software said that they'd tinkered with so many weapons as it's their "first major step towards increasing the average time-to-kill within Warzone".

They also acknowledge that there's always going to be a "best weapon", but they're working towards making each weapon viable so that players don't feel "at a distinct disadvantage for not conforming to the generally accepted 'best weapon'". Hear hear. I've always liked trying out 'off-meta' shootybangs, so this is music to my ears.

Elsewhere in the update, Black Ops Cold War has a brand new zombies map called Mauer Der Toten that also features a handful of new tools to help you blitz through the undead. There's the Mule Kick Perk that lets you carry a third weapon and even a robotic companion that'll stand by your side and sling lead with you.

For a look at all the weapon tweaks and everything else arriving with Call Of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War's Season 4 mid-season update, the patch notes have you covered.

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