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Call Of Duty: Warzone's infinite Stims exploit fixed

No more lurking in the gas waiting for everyone to die

Alongside numerous hackers, players in Call Of Duty: Warzone have had to contend with a new exploit which granted infinite healing. How fun! Players who used the Stim item could repeatedly juice up, letting them live in the deadly gas and wait while everyone else blasted each other to death. Good news, though, Infinity Ward have fixed the issue which should mean no more immortal gas dwellers.

To activate the exploit, players would throw a grenade onto the ground, pick it back up, wait until it exploded, then get revived by an ally or use a Self Revive. After this, they'd magically have a bottomless supply of all Tactical equipment including the famous Stim.

Here's a look at the glitch in action:

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Warzone's no stranger to trouble. Not long ago, vehicles were temporarily removed from the game after an exploit meant that players who drove out of bounds could crash entire matches. Certainly not ideal.

Infinity Ward are also in a eternal fight with cheaters who use wallhacks and aimbots to rack up kills and ruin games. As you'd expect, players haven't taken too kindly to them, and Activision recently took action by suing one Call Of Duty cheat seller to stop them. They've also previously banned 50,000 cheaters in one big wave, matched them together in cheater-only lobbies, and enforced mandatory two-factor authentication.

Despite being a constant uphill battle against cheats and exploits, at least they're trying to keep on top of things, eh?

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