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Call of Duty: WW2 blasts free multiplayer trial weekend

This means WAR!

I don't understand how anyone can believe any first-person shooter series is improved by removing wallrunning and jetpacks, but apparently "historical accuracy" demanded Activision do that with Call of Duty: WW2. What rot! But if you do want to try zippy face-shooting with horrifying screams and no jetpacks, you can play CoD WoWa2's multiplayer for free this weekend. A free trial kicked off last night, giving a free days to run on floors (not walls) and jump (not jumppack) around sodden and frozen battlefields. Might be fun to try, if you can download it in time.

The trial includes both regular multiplayer modes and the cooperative zombie mode [update: nope, I thought it did because I was initially given the option to launch Zombies, but the game actually prompts me to buy it]. Young Matthew wasn't a huge fan of it all, saying in his CoD: WW2 multiplayer review that it "is a decent game with satisfying shooting at its core, but there are better playgrounds out there." Doesn't have wallrunning, see. Fatal mistake. Who does that?

If you fancy a go, click this to have Steam start installing. The trial weekend will end on Sunday the 25th at 1pm Pacific, which is 9pm UK time. It is a 57GB download, so those with slower connections might not have long to play.

Player progression, items, and unlockables will carry over to the full game if you buy that for keepsies. It's on sale right now, down 35% to £29.24/€38.99/$38.99.

Yes, it is only the multiplayer and not the campaign. Seeing as a fair few people are most interested in CoDs for the bombast and spectacle of their story campaigns, yeah, it seems unlikely they'd open it up in a trial easily long enough to complete it. I'm one of those singleplayer CoDlusters myself, especially given our John says this year's is pretty good.

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