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Call of Duty: WWII gets new maps in Resistance DLC

Tease and resist

You know what I love about the winter holidays? Shooting people in various 20th century European locales. If you too enjoy sending small chunks of metal through the air at high velocity towards a fellow human being’s vital organs, perhaps you will like the upcoming DLC for Call of Duty: WWII. It’s called Resistance and has three new multiplayer maps, a new mission for “war mode” and another chapter for the daft Nazi zombies mode. Inspect the liver-puncturing possibilities in the trailer below.

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Let’s see about these maps then. Valkyrie is set among the bunkers of the Wolf’s Lair in Poland, where some of Hitler’s boys once tried to do him in. Anthropoid is set in Prague, rather than the belly of a large primate. And Occupation is a remake of a Modern Warfare 3 map, set in Montmartre, Paris.

The new chapter in the co-op Nazi Zombies mode, meanwhile has you travelling to a foggy island off the German coast, introducing a “buzzsaw gun” and a new type of zombie. The new mission for “war mode” involves rescuing a captured resistance fighter. War mode is the objective-based multiplayer mode with a terrible name. Imagine calling a special mode in a fighting game “Fight mode”.

John found the campaign improved on previous gung-ho outings in his Call of Duty: WWII review but Matt didn’t appreciate the step back in time in his multiplayer review. The beach-storming wasn’t for me either. I found it too Janus-headed. One face weeping at the emphasis on gritty realism and “honouring the war dead” while the other was grinning with glee at the tumbling train carriages and over-the-top action sequences. I also got fed up during the stealth-without-any-actual-stealth-mechanics Paris missions and handed in my resistance armband.

But if you kept yours pressed firmly to your bicep and hopped into multiplayer to destroy everything in sight with sporadic light machine gun fire, then rejoice. For the Resistance DLC is coming out on January 30 … for PlayStation 4.

Sorry, we don’t know the PC release date for it. But it’ll probably be shortly afterwards.

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