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Call Of Duty's next game named Cold War, says Doritos packet

Suggests it may be in line for an October release

Adding to the ever-growing list of places the next Call Of Duty game has leaked, fans have reportedly discovered a promo for Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on some Doritos packaging. Of all the leaks we've seen so far, this is absolutely the one I'd believe. See what happens when you leave your announcement too long, Activision? Gaming snacks don't have time to wait for you.

As reported by ModernWarzone, the Doritos image was sent to TheGamingRevolution, and shows a promo for unlocking double XP for a year in COD Black Ops Cold War. What's interesting is that in the small print it says the promo kicks off on October 5th, but, of course, the game would need to be out for the promo to come into effect right? Well then, it's pretty convenient that October-time is in line with previous release dates for the series.

From previous leaks, we'd expected the game to be named Call Of Duty: Black Ops CIA, but it seems now that might not be the case. As Alice 0 reported, the Microsoft Store has had a page up for an Activision game called The Red Door for ages, with listings on PlayStation Network linking it to something called "COD2020". These really aren't that subtle, huh.

If COD Cold War really is set to come out this autumn season, they're leaving this announcement extremely late. Perhaps the whole plan was just to leak it consistently all along, and then just release it when there's no more info for Activision to reveal themselves anyway.

Regardless, a lot of this is unconfirmed, or only confirmed by unknown "sources" somewhere on the internet, so take it all with a pinch of salt. At the same time, it seems fairly obvious that there is indeed a COD game coming out this year. If only they would just tell us so we don't have to go rooting around for special packets of Doritos.

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