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Castlevania is back for season 3 on Netflix next month

The vampires are still hot

Alright vampire lovers, do not despair. Bloodlines 2 got the ol' pushback but Castlevania has you covered for early 2020. Netflix's Castlevania is returning for a third season in March with more animated fangs based on Konami's classic vamp 'em up . That's the news part. The non-news is that vampires are still hot. You don't need me to tell you that, you can just watch the trailer.

If you're only now finding out about the Castlevania animated series, just leave now because the trailer for season 3 immediately gives away part of season 2's resolution. You know, as they do. You're in luck though, Castlevania's first season was a breezy four episode run and season 2 added another eight. So if you're looking to catch up, you've got just enough time to do it before March. Seriously, begone now because it's spoiler time.

Here's the season 3 trailer, kicking right off with Alucard claiming partial responsibility for Dracula's death.

But of course humanity ain't outta the woods yet. Naw, now there's night creatures all over the place and a hell on earth scheme and all that. Sypha, Belmont, and Alucard have their work cut out then. The animation's still quite lovely as well with that hand-animated style of olde.

The next ten episodes of Castlevania drop on March 5th, Netflix announced.

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