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Civilization 6 gets big update while Civ 3 is briefly free

Today's the big day in Civland, or the world as it's commonly known. The highlight: Civilization VI has launched its big Fall 2017 Update, which chiefly expands religious combat and makes AI opponents a little smarter. Also out today is new DLC for Civ VI adding Indonesia and the Khmer Empire.

Or if you believe that everything old is better and we should shun the new: 1) Civilization III is free for the next two days; 2) But Civ's whole 'inevitable march of progress' sort of thing seems contrary to your ethos?

So! The Fall Update's main focus is overhauling religion. New beliefs are in, the Warrior Monk unit has arrived to fight, the Guru is here to heal religious units, religious combat is expanded with flank and support bonuses for units as making them exert zone of control, religious pressure is on both ends of trade routes, some leaders are now less driven to found religions so we have more of a shot, and so on.

The update also improves a few UI elements, improves how the AI handles everything from naval action to district placement, tweaks balance, and fixes bugs.

Check out the patch notes for more details on everything.

As for Indonesia and the Khmer, £9/€9/$9 (a brutal exchange rate!) on Steam gets you the two civs together with new unique buildings, units, and abilities. The DLC also includes new wonders (say hello again, Angkor Wat), a new map, and a new scenario.

And finally, for Civ 3, swing by the Humble Store (now owned by IGN, in case you missed the news) and grab a Steam key. That's the Complete edition which includes expansions. It usually costs £3/$5 so free isn't half-bad. One for an old laptop, maybe? You've got until 6pm on Saturday (10am Pacific) to grab that.

What are Indonesia like in Civ? See some devs play in this recent livestream:

Cover image for YouTube video

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