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Coming in March, The Sims 4's Growing Together Expansion is all about family

From baby to big baby

Now that The Sims 4 has babies and toddlers, the family unit is complete. Perfect timing too, as the game’s next expansion is all about growing up with family. The Sim 4’s Growing Together Expansion Pack is out March 16th and it’s planning to expand the way your Sims change over time and relate to other Sims

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As always, the trailer for the expansion has a banger Simlish track in the background, but it also highlights a few key additions that are part of the update. We don’t have a full run down, but planned events like slumber parties and spontaneous milestones like a midlife crisis can shape your Sims and their relationships. At least Sims don’t need to worry about the real-life, annual midlife crises.

Social dynamics for friends and family are also getting a bit deeper. Sims now have preferences that can determine the way they feel about others upon first meeting. A Sim might fall in love at first glance, or immediately hate another Sim who they’ve just met. The expansion is promising that family dynamics can be impacted by major life events.

The Growing Together Expansion is also introducing San Sequoia, a fishing village that’s been turned into a major city, but it still looks pretty cosy all things considered. As always, the expansion is adding new clothing and hair options, alongside new items and furniture for build mode. If you buy the expansion before April 27th you’ll receive the outdoor playtime digital pack, too.

Sims 4 is a free-to-play download on Steam.

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