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What is best in life? Conan Exiles launches mod support

320,000 nudes now nuding

Mod support has arrived in Conan Exiles [official site], letting players futz with the guts of Funcom's craft-o-survival game. A few hiccups aside, the developers seem pretty pleased with the launch, announcing that the game sold over 320,000 copies in its first week on Steam Early Access. That's enough sales that "all development costs have been recouped", they say. Goodness me!

If you fancy modding yourself, you'll need to nab the Epic Games Launcher, which offers a custom Unreal Engine editor. As for what we can expect in the way of mods, Funcom say in today's announcement:

"Anyone can now create and upload 'mods' to the Conan Exiles Steam Workshop, whether it's small changes and quality of life improvements, or total conversion mods introducing new creatures, characters, and worlds."

Ooh! Quite a lot, then.

Funcom add that official servers are now coming back online, having found a new host after taking 'em down last week due to poor performance. Conan Exiles does have offline play and player-run servers always outnumbered official ones, to be clear, but it's good news for good children who only play in official play areas. Wouldn't want someone to chase you with dog poo on the end of a stick. Though given that Conan Exiles has slavery, for all I know it may well have poosticks too.

Looking forward, Funcom say they're dividing their team in two, with one group focusing on fixing bugs and improving performance while others work on adding new content.

Our John didn't dig Conan Exiles when he played, annoyed with launch lag problems and suffering sandbox fatigue. It seems to be popular, though. It's the 15th most-played game on Steam right now, with a peak concurrent playerbase today of 36,000. That's especially impressive as another two survive-o-sandboxes are above it, Ark and Rust, and there's hardly a shortage of competition.

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