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Improved performance, server wipes, price hikes when Conan Exiles exits early access next month

Server-wipes and a price-hike to celebrate

Open-world survival affair/one-eyed trouser-snake simulator Conan Exiles has spent over a year in early access, initially hitting it big thanks to a combination of brutal low-fantasy setting and a whole lot of hullabaloo about winkies. Its full release is almost upon us - 14 months is a pretty brisk turnaround as these things go, especially given that devs Funcom reckon the game's doubled in size during that time.

May 8 is the due date, but last week's early access patch already introduced the big new features we can expect to see in it. The bad news for long-time players/murderers is that the official servers are in for a wipe on release day. The bad news for on-the-fence players is that the price will jump by 25% on the 8th.

Today specifically, we get a fancy-pants new video offering selected highlights of what to expect from the release version:

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Quite pretty, innit? That's marketing, naturally, but I haven't checked in on Exiles in a while, and that certainly whets the appetite for getting suddenly and repeatedly ganked in a spectacular place.

Apparently the release build is focused "exclusively on stability, performance and optimization", but ahead of that last week introduced patch 33. Amongst other things, that reworked the combat system (introducing the likes of light and heavy attacks, kicks and weapon-specific attributes), tweaked the HUD, added farming and a map room, plus various aesthetic and quality of life add-ons such warpaint and quick-looting. Full patch notes for that are over yonder.

The bad news for old-timers is that they need to wave bye-bye to any structures, stats and schlongs they've amassed until now, as the official servers are in for a wipe on May 8, as Funcom want all players to start the release build on an equal footing. Private servers won't be forcibly wiped so some folk might survive the purge, though the devs do recommend a clean slate.

The price for the release version is also due to jump by around 25% upon release, so we're looking at something in the region of $38/£34 vs the current $30/£27.

We've not really revisited Sausageland since John came away disappointed and lag-blighted by its initial early access build, so I'm curious to see if a combination of embiggening and rough edge-smoothing have been enough to give us what is best in life.

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