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Conjuring For The Gold: Magicka's Olympics-Themed DLC

I think we've all - at some point or another - turned on the television during a major sporting event and thought to ourselves "You know what? If I really put my nose to the grindstone and trained like a madman, I too could be an almighty elemental demigod wizard." But that also sounds hard. And to that, I raise you videogames - specifically Magicka, whose WOOT Tournament DLC is mixing Arrowhead's motley band of magicians with, well, pretty much the only thing left that they haven't been mixed with: The Olympics.

Joystiq - presumably by way of some dark, mysterious news-making magic - got the scoop, noting that the sports-themed challenge and versus content will debut tomorrow for zero additional units of monetary currency. It sounds fairly hefty, too, tipping the Olympic-certified scales with four new PVP maps, three new challenge maps, and of course, heaps of new spells. One of them is The Wave - which combines both the obnoxious action performed by crowds the world over and my intense desire to inflict violence upon everyone around me as soon as one starts.

All told, though, it looks like more of Magicka's trademark brand of silly fun. There are a few screenshots through the link, and I spy hockey, some sort of swimming-pool-based to-do, and everyone's favorite Olympic standby, that one with all the giant holes in the ground. Topical! And now, I suppose it's only a matter of time until Magicka goes to Mars.

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