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Connect All The Things with this £19 7-port powered USB hub

That's £2.71 per USB port!

sabrent 7 port powered usb port
Image credit: Sabrent

Here's something a little different: a seven-port powered USB hub from Sabrent that makes it easy to connect a huge amount of peripherals and drives to your PC without having to fumble blindly with the back of your PC - or turn one of your laptop's USB ports into many many more. It normally goes for £30 to £40, but today you can pick it up for just £19 at Amazon UK.

As a persistent buyer (and reviewer!) of USB peripherals, I bought a similar option from Sabrent last year and it's been an absolute game-changer for me. Rather than having to rely on the very limited front I/O of my case, I can plug in any number of keyboards, mice, headsets, USB drives, phones, printers and what-have-you without needing to decide what I can get away with unplugging. (There were so many times where I thought "well, I can unplug the mouse and just slowly do what I need to do with keyboard controls" - never again!)

This is doubly true for devices that have relatively few USB ports in the first place - think laptops and gaming handhelds like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally. Turning one USB port into many can be really handy, especially if you have a full desk setup you want to use, and this is a very cheap way of doing that.

While you'll be connecting this hub to a single USB port with a finite amount of bandwidth, as this is a powered hub you'll at least have as much energy as you need to drive RGB lighting and other power-sucking features. This tends to be a limiting factor much more than data, in my experience, with only USB-attached SSDs and extremely high-end webcams tending to monopolise the data connection. Multiple peripherals use much less data and can coexist a single base USB port without any trouble in my experience.

One other thing you can do with this hub is multiply the effects of a USB extension cable - eg if you have a couch setup with wired peripherals or wireless peripherals you need to recharge, you don't have to run a bunch of cables from the TV area to your sofa - you can run one cable under the rug or something, then have your USB hub plugged into it to feed the rest of your devices.

In any case, I think that just about does it. Oh, one last thing - Sabrent is the king of these kind of simple devices and I'd trust them over pretty much any brand when it comes to reliable operation. Something to keep in mind!

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