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Control is coming to Steam this month with an Ultimate Edition

Its year of Epic exclusivity is over

Remedy Entertainment have confirmed that their spooky interdimensional shooter, Control, will launch on Steam on August 27th. We kind of expected that this would be the case, seeing as it had a one-year Epic exclusivity deal which logically would come to an end on that date, but it's nice to finally have it official. The game will release on Valve's storefront in the form of an Ultimate Edition, which will have the base game as well as both expansions.

Feels weird to me that Control has already been out for a year. It feels like only yesterday I was hearing everyone rave about that weird Ashtray Maze.

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This edition of Control will come with both the game's expansions, The Foundation and AWE. The Foundation came out in March, allowing players to explore the underbelly of The Oldest House, armed with a new weapon and a new superpower.

The second expansion, AWE, will launch on the same day as Control hits Steam, letting players explore yet another deep dark zone of The Oldest House. This time however, there'll be someone familiar waiting down there for you: Alan Wake is back.

It turns out Remedy have planned to formally merge the Control and Alan Wake worlds for a while now. The other day they revealed it's all becoming part of the 'Remedy Extended Universe', and they're already making a new game set in this world.

You should probably play Control before you get too deep into that, though. The Ultimate Edition will be available on Steam on August 27th, priced at £30. That edition will be availble on Epic, too, but at a later date of September 10th. There's a bit more info about it over on Control's website, including details on upgrades between console generations.

If you're thinking of picking the game up for the first time when it's out on Steam, take a look at our Control Review, in which Brendy says the game is "surprisingly funny".

"Those looking for a Lynchian labyrinth of hidden meaning might find it here if they squint," he wrote, "but what I found was a solid comedy pastiche of the X-Files, right down to a mysterious smoking man. I wouldn’t want it to be anything else."

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