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Corsair's stylish Dominator Platinum RAM is 22% off today at Ebuyer UK

16GB of white, RGB-encrusted 3200MT/s RAM for massive style points.

Corsair's shiny Dominator Platinum DDR4 RAM looks great - and today, we found a 16GB kit that's 22% off over at Ebuyer in the UK. It hits the sweet spot spec of 3200MHz CL16 too, which I've personally found the best bang for your buck in terms of actual in-game performance. Of course, you're paying a little more here for the RGB lighting and the trendy white colour scheme, but there's no harm in choosing components for their aesthetics too.

So how much are you paying for the look in this case? Well, the absolute cheapest sticks of DDR4-3200 CL16 I could find cost around £62 on Amazon, so you're stumping up an extra £15 and change for these modules. I think that's a fair price, especially given the premiums that normally accompany white motherboards, power supplies and even cases. This deal price is also £22 below the current Amazon price, which is a decent savings given that RAM doesn't tend to see massive discounts.

In terms of raw performance, 3200MHz CL16 is quite a standard specification. Faster RAM does provide an advantage in CPU-limited scenarios, such as esports titles that run in the hundreds of fps or media transcoding, but generally the advantage from 3200MHz to 3600MHz, 4000MHz and beyond into DDR5 territory is only a few percentage points. Given that many PC gamers are now using 1440p and 4K screens, where CPU bottlenecks are less likely, there's really not much point investing in super fast memory unless you have a very particular scenario in mind. Similarly, you can get lower latency 3200MHz CL14 kits, but these are way more expensive and again only have a measurable difference in a few applications.

I've been running Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB memory in my work PC for a little while now, and it does look good in a system with other RGB components like CPU coolers, motherboards, fans and so on. While the rainbox effect isn't to everyone's taste, you're of course free to choose a nice single colour like teal, pink or lime and get a nicely unified look that way. Corsair's RGB software is among the best in the business - I'd rank it up there against Razer's Synapse and SteelSeries' GG software in terms of depth of features and ease of use - so if you do go into the Corsair ecosystem, you do have that going for you.

In any case, I'll stop waffling for now. This is a decent spec for RAM, right on the price/performance sweet spot, and it looks great thanks to its light colour scheme and optional RGB lighting. If you'd like to know more about RAM, why not check out this RAM install guide or hardware heavyweight James' look at DDR4 vs DDR5?

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