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1v3 dungeon crawler Crawl crawls out in April

Local multiplayer fun

Ace local multiplayer dungeon crawler Crawl [official site] will leave early access after two-and-a-half years to properly launch on April 11th, developers Powerhoof have announced. Crawl is a roguelikelike dungeon-crawling action-RPG, see, with one player as an adventurer and three player controlling the monsters and traps. It's cooperative/competitive local multiplayer, or compoerative as we definitely do say in The Business. I've not played it in yonks but it was fun even way back when, so a full and fancy release sounds grand.

Powerhoof say that version 1.0 will bring "achievements, trading cards, a new boss, new monsters, new items, bugfixes etc." That won't be the final update, mind. Future plans aren't finalised but apparently Powerhoof have a forest environment mostly finished and would like to add more bosses too.

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Crawl's crawls are tidy little affairs, taking maybe half an hour tops. Along the way, the hero levels up, collects items, and murders monsters. Monster players also gets to power up their nasties. But! If a monsterman kills an adventurer, they can take their place. It leads up to a fight with all three monstermen controlling parts of a huge boss.

Local multiplayer is the best way to play Crawl but it does have AI bots too, for Nigel Nae-Pals.

Crawl is out April 11th on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It's already on Steam in early access and will hit GOG too when it launches. It's £10.99/14,99€/$14.99.

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