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Crownclusion: Dark Souls 2's Ivory King DLC Released

Crown on the ground

We should have posted more about Dark Souls II, and our mistake was partially my fault. I had planned another big Dark Souls Nites livestream bonanza with music, guests, phone-ins, and other chilled-out late-night radio fun. Then my Internet connection took a nose-dive and I felt too tired and here we are, five months later, now Dark Souls II has three DLC packs we've barely mentioned. Sorry about that. The final chapter of its DLC trilogy 'The Lost Crowns' launched yesterday and please, do tell me about it.

Crown of the Ivory King visits an icy land with new areas, bosses, weapons, and armour. A crown is promised. One you can wear yourself, I should hope, rather than just a quest item. It's on Steam for £7.99 by itself, or comes in the £19.99 season pass with the other two Crown packs. That seems a little steep, but what do I know?

A new patch (click the 'Update' button for details) also launched alongside the DLC, bringing bug fixes and balance tweaks.

Now that Dark Souls II has been out for a few months, how do you feel about it? I noticed, undeterred, that initial reactions were a little anticlimatic. Has it grown on you? Has the DLC expanded on things you felt it lacked or added things you didn't know you wanted? I'll host Dark Souls 2nite one day, I promise.

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