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Crucial's legendary MX500 SATA SSD is $103 for 2TB

A great price for the gold standard in SATA SSDs.

The Crucial MX500 is one of the best gaming SSDs in the SATA category in my books, right alongside the legendary Samsung 870 Evo. That's because the SSD offers excellent performance while working within the confines of the SATA interface, with straightforward TLC NAND flash and a DRAM-equipped design that ensures strong sustained performance - something lacking in QLC DRAM-less designs.

Today, the Crucial MX500 in its 2TB capacity is down to $102.99 at Amazon US, making it nearly 50% off its MSRP and the lowest price we've ever recorded.

While NVMe drives offer better performance, not every computer has a free NVMe slot - or indeed, any NVMe slots at all. In these situations, the MX500 is a strong choice and can operate well as an OS drive, game storage drive, media drive or all of the above. The 2TB of storage provided here is certainly sufficient for almost anything, while the 560MB/s read speeds and 510MB/s write speeds are fast enough for most use cases - we'd only really suggest an NVMe drive is essential for tasks like 4K video editing/capturing or DirectStorage games like Forspoken. For everything else, the MX500 should serve you well - I've certainly found it reliable in my time with it!

Is this a useful deal for you, or are you all aboard the NVMe train? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for more deals tomorrow as we close out the week!

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