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Crykey: The Real-Life Nanosuit

He calls himself Master Le Cosplay. Going on this, he's probably right. This gentleman has built himself a frighteningly detailed Crysis Nanosuit, complete with weapons. Super-strength, speed and invisibility TBC. Though frankly invisibility's going to be nigh-on impossible looking like that.

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Is it terrible that my first response when I saw the pictures of the finished item was "I wonder what on Earth the other people in that apartment block thought when they looked out their window and saw a futuristic gunman wandering around?" All that fine DIY effort would be for naught if he got himself shot in the head by a panicked SWAT team.

"Took about 1 month of work time to finish," quoth he. "All of the suit muscle striations are hand crafted one by one, and sewn together. All working lights "cloak lights", and etc."

More pictures of the Nanosuit here, and more costumes here. His real name's Anthony, but let's stick with Master Le Cosplay.

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