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Crysis On Ice

First, we had the tanks and the helicopters and the nukes and the aliens. Now, thanks once again to modders experimenting with the outer limits of the bundled Sandbox2 editor, we get the Crysis demo in a whole new, sparkly setting. Is this the best demo ever? Apart from the goof many years ago in which a UK magazine accidentally stuck, rather than the demo, the entirety of the game in question (wish I could remember what it was - I'll try and find out) on its coverdisk, I reckon so. Details of the map and how to get it after the jump.

'Renji' has managed to relocate the demo's island map from tropical paradise to ice-bound winter wonderland, giving the demo a totally different feel (aided by some layout changes). Plants spew frozen crystals when you brush past them, and the snow texture on the ground looks pretty incredible, if you can force your PC up to the fabled Very High video quality. Renji's also been kind enough to liberally sprinkle guns and vehicles into the map, together with a few static but big boats -including a helicarrier- we've not seen before. And many, many bright red explosive barrels left next conveniently next to anything you could possibly want to detonate into a few dozen smouldering pieces. All told, the map feels a bit like a Michael Bay movie. [Insert scathing comment about Michael Bay movies here].

Grab the map from here . To play it, just follow the same instructions as scrawled in our earlier post. Nice work, Mister Renji.

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