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Cyber Monday deal spotlight: $130 off the curvy Samsung Odyssey G5 27" QHD gaming monitor

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I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word odyssey, I’m expecting something grand, something mythic, something literally homeric. Samsung’s line of monitors certainly contains models that fit the bill, including the cyclopean Odyssey G9. Sadly, such excess isn’t always practical. Your desk just isn’t big enough or, for some reason, you don’t have a grand just sitting around to spend on a monitor. Despite that, you still want to have a little odyssey, as a treat. An odyssette, maybe? Which I’ve just discovered is a real word and not something I made up for a bad gag. Well, don’t worry, chums, I’m here with a deal on the much more manageable Samsung Odyssey G5, for when you’re feeling just a little bit epic.

It’s a US-only deal, I’m afraid, but Ameri-chums can grab the G5 direct from Samsung for $250, that’s $130 off the regular asking price.

This monitor may be on the less herculean end of the Odyssey range, but it’s still a large lad at 27”. The QHD resolution, that’s 1440p or 2560x1440 for the folks who like numbers, means that you still have a nice pixel density at the size without requiring the huge graphical grunt of 4K. The big selling point is the rather severe 1000R curvature, which supposedly matches the contour of the human eye and provides a viewing experience with minimal strain.

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