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Cyber Monday deal spotlight: Save on the HyperX Cloud Alpha S gaming headset with virtual 7.1 surround sound

The S stands for savings

Here we are, chums, Cyber Monday. Ahh, how the mighty have fallen. What was once an interesting online addition to the Black Friday feeding frenzy, is now a withered and useless appendage. We all shop online now and Black Friday lasts for at least three months of the year. Well, either that or I’m in some kind of deals post writing, Groundhog Day-esque limbo. Whatever the case may be, Cyber Monday is still a weird 90s relic, like many other things with cyber as a prefix. Cybergoth, for example, a sub-sub-culture whose chief point of relevance in the modern era is having their entire aesthetic appropriated by gaming peripheral manufacturers. You can’t move for black and neon doohickeys with LEDs dripping from every orifice. While I’ll be the first to argue that anything is better than the beige everything of yesteryear, sometimes you need to be a bit grown-up and accessorise your PC with reliable, understated, no-nonsense black. Like this HyperX Cloud Alpha S headset which is now discounted at Amazon.

Yes, a bit tenuous that one. Look, if you want something better, go and read Alice O’s hacktastic Cyber Monday article. I’m just here with the discounted goodies, in this case a lovely gaming headset that is now priced on the right side of one hundred pounds and/or dollars.

The Cloud Alpha S is an improved version of the plain old Cloud Alpha that Katharine took a look at in the distant past of 2018. You get more of the same, but with onboard base sliders, inline controls and virtual 7.1 surround. I’m guessing the S is for surround and not sbass. Lady Katharine noted that the Cloud Alpha’s in-game performance was particularly good, and presumably the new additions make the sound even better. Hooray!

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