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Cyberpunk First-Person Sneaker Neon Struct Released

Hack the planet

Minor Key Games went Lovecraftian with their first game, Eldritch (one of Alec's favourite FPSs, don't you know), and their latest goes for another theme I'm always happy to see more of: espionage and conspiracy in that dear old dystopian cyberpunk future.

Neon Struct [official site] sees a spy on the run after being framed for treason, delving into intrigue and trying to clear her name as she sneaks around. It launched this week, and has a demo with the first two missions.

Neon Struct has Jillian Cleary sneaking around, lurking in the shadows, pickpocketing, and hacking systems as she roams the world, calling in favours and completing missions. I like the sound of these sorts of things very much.

I'm still impressed that it's mostly the work of one person, David Pittman. No, it's not as pretty or sprawling as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but its scope and style are what let him make the game at all. I think it looks pretty good within those constraints.

Neon Struct is out for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam and through Humble on the game's site - which gets you both a Steam key and DRM-free versions.

Here's a trailer but, if you fancy seeing the game in action, you can also watch Pittman's fellow BioShock 2 alumnus and cyberpunk enthusiast [and pal o' mine, I should say] Steve Gaynor livestreaming the start of the game.

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