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DDoS attacks affecting Diablo IV and other Blizzard games has ended

The DDoS attacks caused "high latency and disconnections" over the weekend

Diablo 4's Lilith, Mother of Sanctuary, looks on in anger.
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Over the weekend, DDoS attacks on Blizzard caused a bunch of issues for Diablo IV and other games such as Overwatch 2. The cyber attacks prevented many players from logging into Diablo IV, and the hack-and-slashers that managed to log in were at risk of “high latency and disconnections” in the always-online RPG. That tragically forced many gamers to step outside during the hottest weekend in recent memory. Thankfully, Blizzard now states the DDoS attacks have ended, meaning everything should be working as normal.

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Reports of server issues first cropped up on Diablo IV’s popular subreddit as early as Saturday night, and Blizzard’s customer service account confirmed the attacks early on Sunday. The DDoS attacks then seemed to stop and start for most of yesterday, as Blizzard said the strikes had ended, shortly before noting another wave of attacks had begun. Hopefully, the problems end there.

Blizzard are no strangers to DDoS strikes as Overwatch 2 suffered from the same problems late last year with three DD0S attacks over the course of one week. There’s no clue as to why the DDoS attacks targeted Blizzard this time, apart from ruining everyone’s fun over the scorching weekend. Maybe they were trying to prevent PCs from overheating en masse.

“The DDoS attacks that we were monitoring have ended,” Blizzard announced on Twitter last night. But if you’re still experiencing connectivity issues, head to the publisher’s troubleshooting page here.

Diablo IV has already accidentally perma-killed one high-level Hardcore character with a lost connection and another with an unfortunate bug, so I dread to think how many more perished from yesterday’s connectivity issues. Regardless, jumping into Hardcore mode sounds like risky business for now.

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