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Dead Cells loots mod support, leaps onto Mac and Linux


With Dead Cells nearing its exit from early access, developers Motion Twin have ticked off a few big boxes on their to-do list for the rad roguelikelike metroidvania. Today brings Mac and Linux versions, "experimental" mod support, and final confirmation that the price will go up by $5 ahead of its August launch. But heck, Dead Cells was our favourite game of 2017 even in its early days on early access, so I'd feel fairly confident buying before it's done-done mega-'done' done - especially as it's going cheap in the Steam summer sale right now.

Today's patch notes list a scant seven changes but they're good'uns, headlined by mod support.

"Basically you will be able to tweak some gameplay and cosmetic stuff," Motion Twin say. "But not everything." And they're quite clear that while mod support isn't confined to the game's beta branch, it is in "its first, very early, alpha state."

To start making your own doodads, read the Dead Cells modding documentation for guidance. If you just want to play mods other people make, hit its Steam Workshop, which previously only hosted fan translations. Obviously the Steam Workshop isn't for the GOG release.

Beyond mods and the new platforms, another handy change is an option to disable the new font introduced with the 'Baguette' update. If the old pixel art font is gentler on your eyes, head over to the Video section of the Options menu.

If all this sounds half-familiar, that'll be because the Mac and Linux versions launched in beta last week and Motion Twin muttered about the possibility of mod tools. Now it's all real, it's legit, and it's on the game's main branch.

Dead Cells is due to leave early access and launch in full some time in August. From July 6th, the price will go up from $20 to $25. Right now, mind, it's only £10/€12/$12 in the Steam sale.

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