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Dead Cells' nautical-themed DLC has a throwable shark

Sets sail January 6th

The new trailer for Dead Cells' next DLC The Queen And The Sea features a shark being both swung like a sword and launched like an arrow. It's almost enough to trick me into thinking I should play it, when deep down I know I'm not good enough to get anywhere with it. For those of you more skilled than me, the trailer comes alongside the news that the DLC will launch January 6th.

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The DLC is set first in the "Infested Shipwreck", and then in the, uh, "Lighthouse". The latter is an upwards race in which you are pursued and assaulted by three angry guardians, and then at the top there's a boss fight. Alongside the shark, there are 8 other new weapons, including more that are nautical themed such as a trident and pirate hook hand.

Motion Twin say that Queen And The Sea ends a trilogy of DLC, with The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls. If you finish this DLC, you will get a new ending to the game.

I will not beat this DLC or, indeed, the original game. I loved Dead Cells to bits for the pace and feel of its combat, but its early access journey removed my cheesing strategies one by one until all I was left with was my raw skill. Disclosure: my raw skill is an empty cup with mould growing in the bottom. I know they recently added "Aspects", a feature which lets you make the game easier, but it's probably too late for me.

Dead Cells: The Queen And The Sea launches January 6th and you can wishlist it now on Steam.

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