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Dead Cells teases latest DLC The Queen And The Sea in short but spooky trailer

A nautical nightmare

If you weren’t satisfied with only three DLC packs to play with in the hybrid metroidvania roguelike Dead Cells, don’t worry. The teams over at Motion Twin and Evil Empire have got your back. The latest DLC, The Queen And The Sea, has been teased with a tiny new trailer.

The Queen And The Sea is currently planned for a release early next year. It's described as the largest update to Dead Cells yet, and is designed as an ending to the route started by the two previous DLCs (The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls). I think it’s going for more of a The Lighthouse vibe, and not so much The Little Mermaid. You can take a look at the new teaser trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoDead Cells: The Queen and the Sea DLC - Teaser Trailer

The teaser’s pretty slim on details but it shows (presumably) The Queen standing atop a castle. She then she tells her soldiers to “kill him.” Him being you, of course. Great.

The new DLC includes two new biomes, with one of them containing a mysterious “twist” on the regular Dead Cells formula. And apparently, your reward for getting through it is a final boss encounter with The Queen. Get past her, and you'll be able to see the fancy new alternative final ending. Motion Twin say that this’ll be “the most generous content update yet for Dead Cells,” and that they’ll also be adding more “goodies” for players to collect, with more to say on that last part soon.

The Queen And The Sea has a Steam store page, and is currently planned for a release early next year, with a price tag of $4.99. There’s no official UK price yet, but if the previous DLC releases are anything to go by, it’ll probably be £4.49 (or €4.99).

At this point, Motion Twin have so many varied levels at their disposal, I think they could just make a regular metroidvania game by stitching them together. You know, if you ignore all the work they’d have to do totally redesigning the game.

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