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Dead State Demo Is Hammering At Your Door

Knock knock

Zombies! They're everywhere these days. Shambling up and down the road, moaning about something or other in those inaudible voices, causing long queues for the teller at your local bank. That sort of thing. They're a menace and there's just too many of them on the streets. It's enough to make one long for the days when a human's brains were their own concern.

Still, despite our zombie glut there's still unlife in the concept yet. Now you too can put this to the test with a demo for Dead State [official site], courtesy of DoubleBear Productions.

Dead State's one of a fairly sizeable horde of promising zombie games. One of our roving band of RPS survivors explored Dead State last year, acknowledging the game's clunkiness and immersion-shattering NPCs but also praising it for the way the game world and its events, the responsibilities foisted upon your character, and the consequences of choices all helped draw her in.

You'll find the demo on Steam. It demo includes the first seven days of gameplay, eighteen locations and fifteen allies, which apparently amounts to over ten hours of gameplay. That's pretty generous for a demo, so if you've been on the fence about Dead State it looks as if this is the time to smear yourself in viscera, practice your best zombie shuffle and merge with the crowd. Horde, I mean. People crowd; zombies horde. Oh, whatever. We'll all be eaten anyway.

Those already indulging in a spot of Dead State may be heartened to hear that alongside the demo comes a new patch which fixes a number of issues and tweaks a few minor parts of the game.

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