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No More Room In Hell's Kitchen: DayZ Team Doubles

Can cook, will cook

A more hysterical headline would have suggested that Bohemia have doubled the size of DayZ's team in anticipation of the loss of Dean Hall, the creator of the multiplayer survival game. That's not the case - I have it on good authority* that Bohemia are actively gathering strands of Hall's hair and traces of saliva from his favourite coffee mug in order to create a functional clone. The team is expanding though and will be focusing on survival mechanics. Which makes sense, given that DayZ is a survival game.

Food is the first item on the menu.

This week we started on a cooking system. Heavily inspired by the outstanding cooking system in Project Zomboid, this will be part of a wider push in March to focus on Survival aspects of the game in general.

Ingredients are placed in a suitable cooking receptacle (campfire, stove) and a magical process converts them into prepared meals.

The items will slowly heat up, and when at the required heat for the required period of time, they will become “cooked” and/or turn into something else (such as soup). Items can become overcooked, and items can also become cold via some process (this will be looked at later).

We’re very excited by the possibilities for this system.

At this point, the DayZ update blog sounds a bit like a report from one of God's lackeys during the creation of the universe. I'm not sure if God's lackeys would have stuck the phrase "added stab attack with hay fork" on a post-it note though.

*The Pope

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