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Death Road to Canada gets bigger and weirder


Even more odd characters and unlikely shenanigans await players along the Death Road to Canada [official site] following the launch of its big birthday update. The 'Duodenum' update brings features including new recruitable characters like the totally mega Giga Guy, new buildings, the ability to barricade doors, new music, darker nights and lights to fight 'em, dozens of new weapons, Swole Mountain, and ghost friends. That's certainly what I'd expect to find on a procedurally-generated action-RPG road trip through the zombie apocalypse towards the promised land of Canada. Here, see some of the new bits in this trailer:

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Hit the patch notes for full details on everything added. Well, full-ish. They don't explain what Swole Mountain is or how to kiss ghosts - two mysteries I intend to investigate.

Death Road to Canada is my favourite of the recent Oregon Trail 'em ups. Adding actual top-down exploration and combat sections makes it less formulaic, and it has just enough weird and silly things for some great adventures. I know Graham is a fan too.

Rocketcat Games say that "The next year of updates will focus more on content than new systems" and that they "still have some big new features/systems we want to attempt."

They intended to start prototyping for new games too. They note that "there will be a lot of back and forth" between prototypes and Death Road, so "a system in a prototype may get in Death Road, a system in Death Road update may be used in a future game." Mysterious!

Back in the present, Death Road to Canada is on sale. A 34% discount brings it to £7.46/10,04€/$10.04 on Steam. The game's sold on DRM-free GOG too but isn't on sale there.

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